October 15, 2009

Wheat: one of the worst foods when you want clear acne-free skin

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From a letter from Wiley Long (Dietary Cure for Acne / The Paloe Diet)

From: Wiley Long and The Dietary Cure for Acne <>
Date: 2009/10/14
Subject: What common food exacerbates acne?
To: Stephen 

Hi Stephen,

Wheat is one of the worst foods you can eat when you want clear skin

Even after you’ve read The Dietary Cure for Acne, I’d love to hear about any questions you may still have, and how it is working for you. Although I can’t answer all questions personally, I will be answering some in these updates. Just let me know at, and your questions may be discussed in future emails.

Here’s just such a concern from a client:

”I’m going to a dinner party and they are serving spaghetti and meatballs. The spaghetti is from durum flour, which only has a glycemic index of 27! I have read the book, but can you tell me again why this wouldn't be good for the diet?”

Yes, you’re right. This type of pasta is more slowly digested that most breads and other forms of grain, so it does have a lower glycemic index. Unfortunately, it is still made from wheat, and wheat contains a lectin called wheat germ agglutin or WGA.

This is a protein that can enter into circulation and ultimately bind to cells throughout your body, affecting skin proliferation, and desquamation (the shedding of outer skin layers). Lectins act like super glue in the body, and can bind and potentially disrupt normal function in almost all of the body’s cells.

Lectins may also exacerbate acne by inhibiting ZAG. This is an enzyme that normally dissolves proteins that hold skin cells together, so this promotes pore blockage. And, lectins also increase IL-1 alpha and other inflammatory hormones. Plus, lectins impair normal zinc metabolism, and low zinc concentrations in the bloodstream promote inflammation.

You can see the difference wheat makes to clear skin yourself, just like Pete.

”You encouraged me to try The Dietary Cure for Acne to control my acne. I've been eating the way you've outlined in your book and my face is amazingly clear. My only breakouts occur after a dietary slip-up (usually wheat or dairy). I've turned several other acne sufferers onto this way of eating and they've all seen drastic improvements. Thanks so much!!"


Based on science and clinical trials, The Dietary Cure for Acne is a natural way to stop acne before it starts. You can stop the processes that cause acne, and promote optimum health in your skin and throughout the rest of your body.

In fact, most who try it are almost as thrilled with the beneficial side effects (such as weight loss, improved athletic stamina, relief from painful conditions, etc.) as they are with the elimination of their acne, and their new clear skin.

”Our 15-year-old son is a competitive swimmer, and has had acne for several years. Several weeks ago, we decided it was time to help him to eat The Dietary Cure for Acne. His acne has cleared up like unbelievable.

Last weekend, he had a big invitational meet. He swam like never before in his 6 years of competition. All who saw his times were amazed. His coach said, ‘he was racing.’ He is already lean, anyway. But in these past few weeks, he is looking more fit than ever. It is as though his muscles are more obvious, especially in his back.”


Changing eating habits can sometimes be a challenge, and many of our clients have been asking us for additional help. They want help with what to eat, and how to implement this way of eating into a busy lifestyle. The Complete Acne Elimination Program gives you the quickest way possible to virtually guarantee yourself clear skin six weeks from today.

With this program, you will have access to your ebook immediately. Then, we’ll rush you the paperback book along with even more tools to ensure that your acne is eliminated permanently.

The Quickstart Guide you will receive will help you begin the process that will soon eliminate your acne starting with your very next meal.

The Dietary Cure for Acne Eating Guide has 80 pages of step-by-step instructions – making it easy to figure out what to eat, what to shop for at the grocery, how to quickly prepare food, and what to order when eating out. The Eating Guide includes:

  • 63 easy-to-follow recipes with 16 seafood dishes, 18 meat dishes, 16 vegetable dishes, 4 breakfasts, and 9 sauces and marinades

  • 180 meal ideas

  • Food lists explaining which foods we recommend, foods you definitely want to avoid, and foods that may want to experiment with occasionally

  • A 30 day meal plan with weekly grocery shopping lists, meal planners, and a food log for a month
To help you fully understand the scientific basis for The Dietary Cure for Acne, you will receive a one-hour DVD of a lecture Dr. Cordain gave to interested scientists, nutritionists, and physicians, titled Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization – Understanding The Dietary Cure for Acne. Here he reveals the exact mechanisms involved in the formation of acne, and how wrong food choices are the ultimate cause of this disease.

You will also receive an mp3 copy of a 90-minute Diet and Acne Teleseminar that Dr. Cordain conducted, in which he answered questions directly from readers like you.

Diet and Acne: New Findings – In this scientifically referenced 23-page report, Dr. Cordain explains some of the newer scientific findings, particularly how dairy may affect the initiation and progression of acne.

Dietary Cure for Acne Interview with Dr. Cordain – a written transcript that provides an overview of the program and how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions – a collection of the 16 most commonly asked questions we’ve received from the thousands of people who have already gone through the program. Dr. Cordain answers questions about flax oil, nuts, nutritional supplements, excessive weight loss, dairy, fruit, soy, and more.

Interview with Dr. Cordain mp3 – This is a wide-ranging interview in which Dr. Cordain discusses the overall health impact of eating this way, how the diet may be modified for high-training endurance athletes, and specifically how it works to eliminate acne.

Periodic Updates – new relevant science, tips, and success stories

The comments below are typical of what comes in from those in the program.

I have a lot more energy, I’ve lost weight, and somebody said I’m positively glowing. It’s working very well. Also I’m sleeping. I haven’t slept well in 25 years. Maybe that’s why I’m glowing.”


Go to to get the program while it’s still on sale.

Best regards,

Wiley Long – The Dietary Cure for Acne

P.S. – The Complete Acne Elimination Program is a bargain at just $197. (Most people will spend more than that on acne treatments every 6 months.) But if you order now, you can get it for just $116.95. Most importantly, if this program does not work for you, return it for a full refund.

Paleo Diet Enterprises LLC
2261 Shawnee Ct., Suite 101
Fort Collins, CO 80525

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