October 7, 2009

Corp-speak and motorcycling

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Several weeks ago I got an email from a senior Head Office manager whom I like and respect. (See, I don't think everyone in HO are 'grey men').

It was about new corporate structures.

I know she was just trying to evolve synergies, but I only had  a vague idea as to what the email meant.

Part of the problem is my declining mental acuity.  The other issue is jargon, in this case 'corp-speak'.

Jargon serves one of two purposes:

* to facilitate communication, or

* obfuscation

Corp-speak is mostly about the latter, although native corp-speakers are often oblivious of this fact.

I suppose if I lived in a foreign country, I would absorb the local lingo as well.

As Don Watson (ABC 730 report last night) said, corp-speak is poisoning communication everywhere.

While corp-speak is unreal, motorcycling is real.

Some of the talk about motorcycling (or walking, running or cycling or sailing) may be unreal, but these activities themselves are real.

While motorcycling, ensure you engage and act on timely and ongoing risk assessments, as well as interacting with other transport infrastructure users in a socially responsible and empathetic manner.

Or, you can just be a safe and considerate rider.  🙂


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