August 17, 2007

AUS TRIP Day 48 (17 Aug 07: >13 000 kms)

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Dear All .. ( cc NSW PiRiders; Jane Daly)

We have just completed the Nullarbor and landed in Ceduna SA.

All is going well, although we have had one riding day with no rain
since leaving Geraldton, north of Perth. This of course was on the
cards when riding in winter into the winter rainfall zone of AUS (the
bottom third). However, there have been reports of record or near
record low temps in the places we have been through.

South west WA (Busselton, Augusta, Margaret River, Capes Leeuwin and
Naturaliste, Pemberton etc) was great – despite the weather (11-13
degrees and steady rain) and a very close encounter with Skippy. Not
surprisingly, some of the roads in this area are listed in Peter
Thoeming's '100 of the Best' motorcycling roads in AUS (There are quite
a few in our home patch as well).

Though long distances were involved – and continuing scattered showers
(aka 'shattered scours' (B O'H., pers comm))- and day time temps of ~
10-14 – the Nullabor wasn't hard going, and we thought the last two days
in the west Kimberleys were harder going (exacerbated by warmish
temps…~ 36 degrees). Some of the distances in the Kimberleys between
services…eg 300 kms…are longer than on the Nullabor as well.

All, in all, we found the Nullarbor interesting, not least this morning's
detour to the 'Head of the Bight', where we saw Southern Right Whales at
relatively close quarters, and the magnificent Bunda cliffs of the

We only saw two motorbikes on the Nullarbor – and three cyclists. All
other two wheelers are keeping away it seems 'till warmer times. The
cool-cold/wet conditions have kept us out of the tent most nights for
the last week or two – and also some nights there was nowhere halfway
decent to camp..(unless you like, mud, rocks and tussocks to camp on,
coupled with near zero overnight temps).

We didn't see much wildlife on the Nullarbor – apart from 'grey nomads'
πŸ™‚ (Even they were few in number on the Nullarbor compared to the Top
End of AUS, where they were in plague proportions. πŸ™‚ eg ~ 350
caravaners /day were passing through the checkpoint into WA from NT).
There was the odd roo on the Nullarbor (all roadkill), two lots of emus,
no hairy nosed wombats or camels, one dingo, and no Nullarbor Nymphs. We
did also see several Southern Right Whales, but none of these were on
the road…

'Must go. We hope this finds you and your's well.

(Excuse the typos…the clock is ticking…and time is money as Ben
FRanklin said).

S & J


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